Samsung HW-T650 Soundbar Review

Today, we bring a detailed, comprehensive review of the Samsung HW-T650 soundbar, a highly acclaimed soundbar that promises to change the way you experience audio in your entertainment setup. It brings a plethora of features, compact design, and unsurpassed performance to the mix.

In-Depth Look at Features


The Samsung HW-T650 soundbar boasts a sleek, minimalist design. Its deep black, glossy finish and metallic mesh covering lend it a sophisticated, high-tech appearance. At 38.6 inches wide, it is perfect for Medium to large-sized TVs, and its low-profile design means it doesn’t obstruct the view.

Sound Quality

Samsung offers powerful audio output with the HW-T650, boasting a 3.1 Channel configuration that integrates a dedicated center speaker, which aids in clearer dialogue reproduction—an important feature for movie enthusiasts who value dialogue clarity. Its stunning 340W Total Power delivers high-resolution audio, filling the room with dynamic, rich, and robust sound.

Acoustic Beam Technology

The HW-T650 comes with Samsung’s innovative Acoustic Beam technology. This feature uses a series of holes in the speaker to create a more panoramic, room-filling sound. This not only enhances the overall sound output but also ensures a more immersive viewing and listening experience, particularly during action-packed movie scenes or live sports events.

Wireless Subwoofer

Supplementing the soundbar is a powerful wireless subwoofer that enriches the audio experience with deep and tight low-frequency sounds. It brings movies, music, and games to life, adding depth and dimension to your audio experience without having to worry about wires.

Connectivity Options

The HW-T650 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to connectivity. It is equipped with both wired and wireless options. There is Bluetooth for wireless music streaming, HDMI in/out ports for easy setup with your TV, and Optical Input for older TV models. The soundbar also offers a USB port for music playback from storage devices.

DTS Virtual:X

In addition to Dolby Audio, the HW-T650 also supports DTS Virtual:X, a technology that brings an enveloping audio experience despite its 3.1 configuration. It virtually creates height and surround sound effects, making your content more impressive and immersive.

EQ Settings

The Samsung HW-T650 soundbar features built-in EQ settings that enable you to customize audio to your liking. You can adjust the treble and bass levels, and even control the subwoofer level to get the right amount of punch in your audio.

Bluetooth TV Connection

With Bluetooth TV Connection, you can set up your soundbar without worrying about messy cables. Just make sure your TV supports Bluetooth, and you can sync the two devices wirelessly, providing an easy and straightforward setup.

Audio Sync

In some cases, you might notice the audio and video are not in sync. The HW-T650 tackles this with the AV Sync feature. By enabling AV Sync, the soundbar automatically matches the audio timing with the video from your TV.

LED Display

The soundbar features a front-facing LED display. This display makes it easy to maintain the different settings of the soundbar and also displays the volume levels.

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Pros Cons
Easy to Use
The HW-T650 soundbar is user-friendly, featuring a clear LED display and a well-designed remote control, making it easy to navigate its features.
No Wi-Fi Connectivity
Unlike some competitors, the HW-T650 lacks Wi-Fi connectivity, limiting smart features and streaming capabilities.
Powerful Bass
The wireless subwoofer provides a deep, impactful bass that lends a more cinematic feel to movies and a pulsating rhythm to music.
Limited Voice Assistant Support
Today’s market trends point towards voice-enabled devices. The HW-T650 lacks voice control integration, which might be a disappointment if you’re seeking a more seamless smart home experience.
Seamless Connectivity
One of the key strengths of the HW-T650 is the availability of seamless connectivity options. The soundbar’s Bluetooth capability allows easy connection with various devices, enabling you to enjoy your favorite music anytime.
No Rear Speakers
While it offers excellent sound, the HW-T650 lacks wireless rear speakers included in the package. However, you can purchase Samsung’s SWA-8500S rear speakers separately for a more enveloping sound.
Superior Audio Performance
The soundbar delivers outstanding sound quality, whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music. With its powerful 3.1 channel audio, Acoustic Beam technology, and wireless subwoofer, you enjoy top-notch, immersive audio.
Versatile Sound Modes
With its pre-set sound modes, the HW-T650 enhances your listening experience, adjusting according to the type of content. Modes include Standard, Surround Sound Expansion, Game, and Smart Sound, which automatically tailors audio settings to suit the content.


To sum up, despite a few limitations, the Samsung HW-T650 stands out as a solid choice for those seeking superior audio performance, seamless connectivity, and innovative features. Its strong points include sophisticated design, robust sound output, and diverse sound modes to elevate your home entertainment experience. Areas of improvement could be the inclusion of Wi-Fi functionality and voice assistant compatibility for a more connected smart home.

Anyone in search of a capable soundbar offering value, performance, cinematic sound and a fine set of features, would find the Samsung HW-T650 a strong contender and a worthy investment for an immersive audio home entertainment setup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Samsung HW-T650 support app control?

Yes, the HW-T650 supports the Samsung Audio Remote app available on Android, allowing you to control various soundbar functions.

Does the HW-T650 support 4K pass-through?

Yes, the HW-T650 has a 4K pass-through feature via its HDMI ARC port, ensuring you get the best picture quality when connected to a 4K source.

Can additional speakers be connected to the Samsung HW-T650?

The Samsung HW-T650 does not come with rear speakers. However, it is compatible with the SWA-8500S wireless rear speakers sold separately, allowing for a surround sound system upgrade.

Is the Samsung HW-T650 compatible with non-Samsung TVs

Yes, the soundbar is designed for compatibility with various TVs and can be connected using the included HDMI cable or optical input.

Can I mount the Samsung HW-T650 soundbar on the wall?

Yes, the soundbar comes with a wall mount kit to help you achieve a neat, space-saving installation.

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