Samsung HW-B550 Soundbar Review

Samsung HW-B550 Soundbar – A Detailed Review

The HW-B550 soundbar is a 2.1 channel system packed with modern features and a robust wireless subwoofer. Its design narrative toes the line of minimalist elegance, measuring a sleek 860 x 54 x 85mm, making it an appealing addition to its surroundings rather than a glaring electronic imposition.

Samsung HW-B550 Soundbar
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Features & Performance

Bringing home the HW-B550 presents a power output of 290 watts, pushing the audio envelope well beyond what your average television speakers can deliver. The HW-B550 presents you with various sound modes, including Standard, Surround, Game, and Smart. Each is designed to optimize the audio tracked to the content genre.

The mysterious Smart mode greets the listener with an intuitive audio experience. It adjusts itself to significantly enhance the subtleties of sound, ensuring rich audio regardless of what’s on your TV. Meanwhile, the Game mode optimizes sound effects, delivering an immersive gaming experience that sets the tone for an adrenaline-fueled session.

The HW-B550 also boasts Surround Sound Expansion, a feature that widens the soundstage beyond the confines of the television screen, wrapping you in sound that closely mirrors the action.

Another standout component is the subwoofer. This wireless audio accessory enhances the low-frequency performance down to an impressive 42Hz. Coupled with the freedom to place it anywhere in the room, the subwoofer ensures your audio experience is deep, rich, and unbound by the tether of wires.

In contrast to its performance and power, the usage of the HW-B550 is surprisingly relaxed. Simple to set up, intuitive to use and maintain, the HW-B550 ensures a user-friendly experience, courtesy of a comprehensive remote and an easy-to-read LED display.

Pros and Cons

With its robust and feature-packed performance, the Samsung HW-B550 has a lot on its pros list. Offering a 2.1 channel setup, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, and a wireless subwoofer, this soundbar presents value beyond its price point. The HW-B550 is impressively versatile, boasting varied sound modes tailored to match different content genres. Factor in its minimalist design and compact build, and you’ve got an attractive addition to your living room.

However, despite its impressive pros list, the HW-B550 has its set of cons. It does not support Dolby Atmos or DTS:X, a setback for those looking for these advanced audio processing formats. An integrated voice assistant is missing as well, making it slightly less convenient for those who resort to voice control frequently.

Although the lack of a dedicated control app is not a deal-breaker, it acts as a limitation in controlling and customizing this soundbar. Lastly, while its power output is respectable, true audiophiles might find its 290-watt output less impactful.

Installation and Connectivity Options

Setting up the HW-B550 is painless and straightforward and is often lauded for the plug-and-play simplicity it offers. The soundbar comes with all necessary cables for installation, unfurling avenues for seamless audio experience straight out of the box.

There are numerous connectivity options to capitalize on. You get an HDMI input and output (with ARC support), meaning you can connect your soundbar directly to the TV with a singular cable, enhancing user convenience. Optimal digital audio input allows connection with devices that lack HDMI compatibility.

Apart from wired connectivity options, the HW-B550 also supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing wireless music streaming from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with primal convenience. However, worth noting is the soundbar’s lack of Wi-Fi compatibility, which some might find limiting.

Build Quality and Design

Samsung HW-B550 comes with a robust build quality and a sleek design that seamlessly blends into any home decor. The main bar features a sturdy metal grille, wrapped beautifully around a solid plastic body. The wireless subwoofer, exhibiting the same design philosophy, sports a wooden structure that confers it both stability and elegance.

The subwoofer unit comes packed with a 6.5-inch driver located on the side, probing out deep and resonating bass into your room. The slim dimensions of the soundbar itself ensure that it doesn’t obstruct your TV view, whether it’s kept on the TV table or wall-mounted onto your living room wall.


The Samsung HW-B550 soundbar presents an enviable blend of aesthetics, performance, and simplicity. If you desire an upgrade from your standard TV speakers, and the lack of advanced features like Dolby Atmos doesn’t turn you away, the Samsung HW-B550 makes an impressive candidate. This soundbar and its wireless subwoofer ensure your audio experience is rich, engaging, limitless, and in line with your aural expectations.


Can I wall-mount the Samsung HW-B550 soundbar?

Yes, the HW-B550 soundbar can indeed be wall-mounted. The package comprises all the necessary brackets.

Does the HW-B550 soundbar support HDMI ARC?

Yes, it does. This compatibility ensures you need just one cable between your TV and this soundbar.

Can I connect multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously with Samsung HW-B550?

 No, the HW-B550 supports connecting only one Bluetooth device at a time.

 How can I update the firmware of my Samsung HW-B550 soundbar?

 Samsung provides firmware updates through their website. Download updates to a USB and insert it into the soundbar’s USB port to initiate the update.

What’s the power consumption of Samsung HW-B550 soundbar?

 The HW-B550 soundbar has a power consumption of 25W when in use, and less than 0.5W in standby mode.

Does Samsung provide any warranty with HW-B550 soundbar?

 Yes, Samsung provides a 1-year warranty on parts and labor for HW-B550 soundbar.

 Is it possible to adjust the bass and treble on Samsung HW-B550?

Yes, you have the luxury of adjusting the bass and treble, catering to your audio preferences for a personalized listening experience.

Is the wireless subwoofer of HW-B550 automatically connected with the soundbar?

Precisely! The wireless subwoofer is built to connect automatically with the soundbar when powered on, nullifying the need for any manual intervention.

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