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Enhancing your computer’s audio experience becomes a cinch with a desktop soundbar. This guide lists the top 10 soundbars, detailing their features, advantages, and shortfalls.

But before heading to the list of soundbars, let’s get what does a soundbar do? The soundbar generates the audio in a multidirectional way, so you will feel multiple sounds coming your way. For extra help, we’ve also included some frequently asked questions towards the end. Let’s dive in.

Best Desktop Soundbars
Product Number Product Name Purchase
1 Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System Buy Now
2 Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Buy Now
3 JBL Bar Studio Buy Now
4 Dell AC511 USB Wired Soundbar Buy Now
5 TaoTronics TT-SK018 Soundbar Buy Now
6 Samsung HW-S60T Buy Now
7 GoGroove SonaVerse UBR Buy Now
8 Razer Leviathan Buy Now
9 BenQ Trevolo 2 Buy Now
10 Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse Buy Now

1. Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System

Description and Features

Known for high-quality sound, the Bose Companion 20 is sleek, compact, and space-efficient. This 2.0 channel system comes with integrated signal processors and active electronic equalization.

Pros Cons
High-quality sound Lacks Bluetooth
Non-bulky No standalone subwoofer
Simple setup

2. Creative Sound BlasterX Katana

Description and Features

The Creative Sound BlasterX Katana is a multi-channel soundbar that delivers powerful audio. Equipped with a built-in 24-bit DAC, RGB lights, and Bluetooth 4.2, it’s designed to sit unnoticeably under your monitor.

Pros Cons
Immersive audio Pricey
RGB lights you can customize Comes without a remote control
Multiple connectivity options

3. JBL Bar Studio

Description and Features

Compact and lightweight, the JBL Bar Studio fits snugly under any computer monitor. This 2.0 channel soundbar features JBL’s signature Surround Sound, dual-band Wi-Fi, an HDMI Input, USB, and Bluetooth streaming.

Pros Cons
Quality sound Lacks bass without a separate subwoofer
Lightweight Sound might be too balanced for some
Supports Bluetooth streaming

4. Dell AC511 USB Wired Soundbar

Description and Features

The Dell AC511 is a USB-centered soundbar that follows a minimal design route. Packaged in an unobtrusive design, it features two full-range drivers and doesn’t require batteries or external power cords.

Pros Cons
Unobtrusive design Limited sound range and low volume
Easy installation and use Doesn’t support Bluetooth

5. TaoTronics TT-SK018 Soundbar

Description and Features

Offering a 2.0 channel stereo performance, the TaoTronics TT-SK018 is compact and affordable. It’s a sleek black design that comes with a headphone jack, built-in microphone, and plug-and-play capability.

Also, learn how to reset Samsung soundbar without remote in a few easy steps.

Pros Cons
Great value for money Bass performance is mediocre
Compact and portable Lacks Bluetooth
Simple setup

6. Samsung HW-S60T

Description and Features

The Samsung HW-S60T is a 4.0 channel soundbar equipped with side horn speakers and acoustic beam technology. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled, it also includes Alexa.

Pros Cons
Great value for money Bass performance is mediocre
Compact and portable Lacks Bluetooth
Simple setup

7. GoGroove SonaVerse UBR

Description and Features

GoGroove SonaVerse UBR provides a 2.0 channel sound output through built-in, angle-driven designs. This slim soundbar comes with front-access volume control, headphone and AUX input, and USB power supply.

Pros Cons
Space-saving design No Bluetooth connectivity
User-friendly volume control Build quality could be stronger
Surprisingly strong bass for its size

8. Razer Leviathan

Description and Features

Designed with gamers in mind, Razer Leviathan boasts a robust 5.25-inch downward-firing subwoofer, Bluetooth support, and high-quality audio streaming via aptX tech.

Pros Cons
Sturdy build Lacks HDMI connection
Great for gaming More expensive than other desktop soundbars
Powerful bass response

9. BenQ Trevolo 2

Description and Features

The BenQ Trevolo 2 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers impressive audio performance. It houses two electrostatic drivers, three amplifiers, and offers undistorted 3D sound.

Pros Cons
Unique appeal Pricier
Bluetooth-enabled Not the loudest
Portable and user-friendly

10. Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse

Description and Features

The Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth-enabled 2.0 channel speaker system offers 74W RMS power. Uniquely designed, the speakers feature touch-sensitive controls.

Pros Cons
Eye-catching design No headphone jack
Good sound for size Controls could be improved


Mutiple best wireless soundbars are surrounding in the market, with whom you can improve your TV sound quality. However, the perfect desktop soundbar hinges on factors like space, budget, and unique audio needs. The soundbars listed span a wealth of features and budgets, catering to a variety of needs. Always consider these details to make a well-informed choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every desktop soundbar work with all computers?

Most soundbars can connect to any computer via a 3.5mm headphone jack or USB. Bluetooth soundbars offer wireless connection options.

Is a soundbar an improvement over my computer’s existing audio?

Yes. A soundbar usually delivers a much richer soundscape than built-in computer speakers.

 How much desk space does a soundbar occupy?

A desktop soundbar is typically slim and compact, designed to fit with your monitor comfortably, without hogging desk space.

Between a desktop soundbar and traditional speakers, which is better?

This boils down to personal preference. Soundbars often save more space and provide a neat look to your desk. In terms of sound quality, they can compete closely with good traditional speakers.

What are the benefits of a desktop soundbar over traditional speakers?

 Soundbars are compact and convenient. They don’t take up too much space on your desk and can be easily moved around when not in use. They also provide a neat look to your computer setup, especially if you have multiple monitors.

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